Monday, September 12, 2011

How does knowing the history in Western civilization make you view today's traditions?

In my personal opinion I believe that marriage in todays society has lost its meaning. In the article it says that marriage was more of a financial understandng rather then something done out of love. Todays traditions are becoming something that is done just for the wedding, the dress, friends, and partying. People forget that after the honeymoon they have to go back to the real world. I personally have many friends my age that have just jumped into a marriage without really thinking about it. Most of them are already split up or having problems. I believe that people who get married before thirty five are making a mistake. It amazes me to know that in past Western civilization couples could simply divorce with no trouble at all. Today things are completely different. Divorces are some of the most expensive situations you could ever be in. People lose their homes and all of the money that they have worked so hard for their entire lives. It doesn't really make since to even get married in todays society. I believe two people should just agree that they're going to be together and that's that. There is no point in putting yourself through a divorce that ruins you and your families lives. You don't have to have paper work and lawyers to let someone know you love them.

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