Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love is Not a Pie

  • "On the one side, conservatives pointed to abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality as forces destroying the family. On the other liberals cited domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports as the key problems afflicting the family.' What do you think about the statement?
I can see how the conservatives and liberals came to their conclusions on this topic. In my personal opinion I believe that all of these reasons have to do with destroying families. Abortion is something that I do not believe in at all. I believe that every child is a gift and is meant to be on this earth for a reason. It is not up to the person to decide whether or not the child is to be born. Legitimacy is something that I believe is important in a child's life. It helps to be born into a family where the parents are married. I think it improves the child's standards and trust. I personally don't believe in homosexuality either. I repect the fact that people have those kinds of feelings towards one another but I don't think it's a good family atmosphere. Domestic violence is probably the number one reason for destroying families. Every year in the United States 4.8 million women go through domestic violence issues with their partners. When a child sees this it has some awful side effects. Economic insecurity has been a on going problems with families. Most fights start when the man of the family isn't bringing in enough money to support the family. This makes him start to feel insecure and the wife starts to not live the way she expected. Economic issues often result in domestic violence as well. These issues have been destroying families for centuries and will continue to do so.

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