Tuesday, October 4, 2011


HIV/AIDS is a disease that has been killing people for years. It is a very nasty disease that attacks the immune system and slowly kills its victims. Safe sex is very important in today's world because there is so many different STD's in our society. Going to get tested with your partner is one way to avoid catching this disease. I view AIDS as something that is very real and scary. I would be absolutely terrified if i found out that I had contracted this disease. The only way to really stay protected from this disease is to not have a sex at all. If that's not an option then another helpful way to stay clean is to remain faithful to your partner who you know does not have the disease. It is very important to get tested regularly for AIDS because the symtoms for this disease could not appear for 10 to 12 years. We as the leaders of a new nation have to realize that AIDS is a real threat the we can not handle lightly. More people need to get tested and we need to somehow contain this disease before it gets anymore out of hand. If you find out that you have been exposed to HIV then you should seek immediate medical attention before it spreads any further.

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